The Sales Psyched Podcast
Ep 12: Prospects Cannot Resist This Sales Psychology
July 5, 2021
Continue to hone your selling skills with this psychological selling tip that prospects cannot resist. Learn how to use it and try it during your next sales pitch.

Episode 12: Prospects Cannot Resist This Sales Psychology

Ego is the cornerstone of the science of psychology. Knowing how to gracefully appeal to people's egos is an important part of the master salesperson's tactical arsenal.
 In this episode, you will learn:
· A simple, yet powerful approach to persuading your prospects.
· A psychological technique for overcoming price objections.
· How appealing to a prospect's ego will help you close the deal.
Give this psychological technique a try in your next sales meeting. The results may surprise you.

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[soft melody theme music]
[00:00]  Katherine Abraham: Hello and Welcome to the Sales Psyched podcast, where we discuss strategies for leveraging psychology within the world of sales. Each episode is hosted by Dr. Chris Croner, who has a PhD in clinical psychology and has spent his career helping companies around the world build stellar sales teams.

[00:20]  Let's get started.
[deep drum, marching intro music]
[00:30]  Chris Croner: Dr. Chris Croner here. Prospects cannot resist this sales psychology.

[00:36]  A while back, a colleague of mine was shopping for cars and he was considering moving up to the premium, luxury category for the first time. He had just finished with a high-end showroom when he decided, "what the heck I'm on the dealer strip, I might as well drop into the dealer next door."  Which was even higher on the luxury category, even though it was above his budget and price range. 

[01:04]  He engaged with a seasoned salesperson who inquired about the car he had been looking at. The salesperson paused and then he said, "Mr. Smith, a man like you should be driving a Mercedes."

[01:20]  Wow. You see what the salesperson just did with one awesome sentence?

[01:25]  First of all, he complimented Mr. Smith on being a premium human being on a personal and emotional level. Then, he tied his premium brand directly to Mr. Smith's ego. In one swoop, he elevated the man's expectations and literally blew away any chance the man would go back and settle for less.

[01:48]  And yes, he bought the Mercedes.

[01:51]  This is a great approach when, as salespeople, you're running up against a price objection for someone you know like your product or service, but is getting stuck on price. You can use the same personal approach or you can shift it slightly to a reference to a company, particularly if you're selling to the C-level.

[02:12]  So, for example, "Mr. Smith, your company is best in class and it deserves only best of class services to contribute to that mission."

[02:22]  Ego is the cornerstone of the science of psychology. Knowing how to gracefully appeal to people's egos is an important part of the master salesperson's tactical arsenal.

[02:34]  I look forward to seeing you next time. 
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[02:39]  Chris Croner: Thank you for listening to the Sales Psyched Podcast. If you haven't already, please be sure to click the subscribe button and leave us a five-star review. If you found this information helpful, please consider sharing it. We'd love your help in spreading the word.
[02:56]  Until next time, take care!