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Ep 34: Best Corporate Gift Idea to Send to Your Clients
December 6, 2021
In this episode, Dr. Croner shares his favorite client gift idea that is appropriate in most gifting situations.

Episode 34: Best Corporate Gift Idea to Send to Your Clients

We all want to enhance our relationships with our clients and occasionally, it is nice to show our appreciation with a  gift. But, of course, that can be challenging since every client is different and we want to be sure that our gift is appropriate for our relationship and the client’s company policies. 

In this episode, Dr. Croner shares his favorite client gift idea that is appropriate in most gifting situations.

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If you are in need of a client gift idea consider gifting the new, second edition of Never a Bad Salesperson Again (coming in December). This book is a valuable resource to any business. 

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[00:00]  Katherine Abraham: Hello and Welcome to the Sales Psyched podcast, where we discuss strategies for leveraging psychology within the world of sales. Each episode is hosted by Dr. Chris Croner, who has a PhD in clinical psychology and has spent his career helping companies around the world build stellar sales teams.

[00:20]  Let's get started.
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[00:30]  Chris Croner: Dr. Chris Croner here.  We all want to enhance our relationships with our great clients and customers. After all, these people are the ones who help us make a living and put food on the table for our families. They are very, very important to us.

[00:45]  And occasionally, it's nice to show our appreciation with a nice gift. But of course, that can be challenging since every client is different. Plus we always want to be sure that our gift falls into appropriate line with our relationship and the client's company policies.

[01:05]  That's why when my clients ask me about gifts, my favorite has always been a good book. Specifically, a book that matches a passion or interest that you have teased out of your conversations with your client. Let me give you an example.

[01:22]  We once had a client who loved to play the guitar and who gathered often with friends of his to jam together. When we explored that a little more in conversation, it turned out that he loved the instrument itself. Different kinds of guitars. The history of who played them. Where they were manufactured, etcetera. So we did a little research and bought him a wonderful coffee table book on guitars, and he has never stopped talking about it. We really hit the proverbial nail on the head.

[01:58]  Now, as a psychologist, I love how a really thoughtful book can break through people's defenses and help us connect with them at an emotional level. It can really help take your relationship to the next level for three reasons.

[02:14]  Number one, it shows you're a good listener. Something client's always rate at the top of their wish list for service providers.

[02:23]  Number two, it shows you care enough to put some effort into another person's life.

[02:30]   Three, it demonstrates action. We all have good ideas, but acting on them demonstrate something dynamic and special to people with whom we have relationships.

[02:43]  Finally, people often ask me how they can find out what a client's personal passion is without sounding intrusive. A great question can be "Ms. Client, you obviously have an important job and are tremendously busy. What do you do to keep things balanced in your free time?"

[03:00]   Now, if you want, you can even prime the pump in your conversation with your own interest. For example, for me, I like to get on a bike and ride that usually triggers a response and a pleasant conversation that can lead to a great book and a touch your client will never forget. 
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[03:20]  Chris Croner: Thank you for listening to the Sales Psyched Podcast. If you haven't already, please be sure to click the subscribe button and leave us a five-star review. If you found this information helpful, please consider sharing it. We'd love your help in spreading the word.
[03:39]  Until next time, take care!